Located in Durant, Iowa
Using local farm fresh cage-free eggs!

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About Me

Sole Proprietor of Transcend Sweet Creations

Welcome to my site! 
Mission:  To spread sweet joy through aesthetically beautiful sugar creations and sweet bites of indulgence.
Vision:  To transcend the everyday dessert experience with customized works of sugar art.

I have over thirty years of baking and decorating experience, but let me clarify.  I do not have professional training, nor have I worked in a culinary career.  I received my first cake decorating kit and lessons from my aunt, who decorated cakes as a side business.  Starting out as a child, my first creations were fairly crude, allowing for much improvement.  Over the years, I created and shared my creations with family, and the friends I call family.  This allowed me opportunity to experiment, build my skills, and take risks that I would not have been able to do in a structured baking environment.

My "day job" is Manager, Compliance at a local blood center, but it has always been my dream to own a business and expand my mission and vision to the public.  I believe my Quality experience in a highly regulated industry gives me an edge in incorporating quality and reliability into my baking business, as well as conforming with the industry requirements and standards.
Thank you for considering trusting me with a slice of joy in your life and/or the lives of loved ones.
  1. Elaine Mundt
    I grew up on a small dairy farm in northern Illinois. I went to University of Iowa, where I met my husband. We have three children, a dog, and two cats. I have a full-time day job, volunteer at the Greyhound Adoption Center. run, cook, and read.